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Onward, Christian Soldiers...

Episode One
"In Caesarea there was a man named Cornelius, a centurion of the Italian cohort, as it was called...." Acts 10:1“This war is the kingdom of God coming… the sunrise of a better day for the Philippines.With Christ in his heart, the New Testament in his pocket, ‘Look up and lift up’ (Badge of Methodist Youth League) on his shirt, and forty rounds of ammunition in his belt, we have sent our first missionary in the family” (Moorehead:155).
INTRODUCTIONI agree with Jane Schaberg who cautions us that Luke is a dangerous piece of literature (275).Together with Acts, these two volumes, I would argue, helps create, rationalize, legitimize, and perpetuate the ideology of Imperial Soldier as model of Christianity.His presentation of the five centurions in Luke-Acts, especially Cornelius, was aimed at convincing his readers that, despite the fact that the Empire executed Jesus, Imperial Officers made the best Christians.Having these officers converted was the first big step tow…

That's why we call it "Peace Time"?

"Thirty thousand Americans killed a million Filipinos.We have pacified the islanders and buried them; destroyed their fields, burned their villages; furnished heartbreak by exile to scores of disagreeable patriots; subjugated the remaining 10 million by benevolent assimilation, which is the pious new name of the musket....And so, by these providences of God--and the phrase is the government's not mine--we are a world power.And this is supposedly the mission of our race, trustee under God, of the civilization of the world." - (Mark Twain)