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Fish and Bread

Context: Antiquity. Roman Empire. Colony. Palestine. Puppet government. Caesarea. Tiberias. Cities in honor of emperors. Dispossessed farmers. Dislocated fisherfolk. Taxes and more taxes. Debts and mounting debts. Text: The Gospels. Fishing all night. No catch. Tending nets. No catch. Parables of Workers and Tenants in Vineyards. Daily wages. Subsistence pay. No work. Dispossessed farmers. Dislocated fisherfolk. The Gospels: Thousands fed with bread and fish. A child offers five loaves and two fish. A ritual of bread and fish. Taking sides with farmers and fisherfolk. Then and now: Taking sides with those who need God the most. Taking sides with those whose only hope is God. Taking sides with farmers and fisherfolk.


Going outside boxes is hard. Leaving our comfort zones? Equally hard. The Magi’s quest took over two years, border-crossing, in search of a child, a complete stranger; a stranger they believed would liberate his people from oppression. Crossing boundaries, discarding prejudices, tearing down walls: very, very hard. And very, very scary! And taking another road back is hard and scary, as well. The Magi went against the orders of Herod the King and innocent children were massacred. More often than not, then and now, when the Powerful are threatened, the most powerless get hurt. Who among us have flown on airplanes? Who among us have looked out the windows of those airplanes and seen the land masses below? What did you see? Did you see the lines, the borders that separated one nation from another? Did you see the markers that identified each country's territory apart from another? Like in our maps? The boxes we make, our comfort zones, our prejudices, the thick and high walls…