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A Spirituality of Struggle

A SPIRITUALITY OF STRUGGLE*Most leave their families and their work behind. With the barest of essentials they struggle to survive in the mountains.Up there they learn to live with lots of mosquitoes, lots of rain and mud.Up there one does not have porcelain toilet seats, nor decent bathrooms, nor even a regular bottle of Coca-Cola.In the dense jungles of the Sierra Madre mountains, they sleep with rusty World War II Garand rifles or, if they are lucky, old, Russian-made AK-47s or surplus Vietnam-era Armalite rifles. There they sleep half awake, half expecting that at any moment a military patrol will attack their camp or, worse, US-supplied helicopter gun-ships will blow away all of them--men, women, children, even the few pigs and the chickens they have--to kingdom come.Some of them have been there since the late 60s.It has been a protracted war.Most of them are tired.Yet they continue fighting for the hope that has kept the movement going for close to 40 years now.1In Mindanao, Lum…

Last Words...

LAST WORDS(Binan UCCP, 21 March 2008)Last words are important to many of us. Famous last words include
Rizal’s “Mi Ultimo Adios” and Antonio Luna’s “P___ -Ina!” Those of us who watched the coverage of FPJ's wake and burial four years ago will remember the variety of remembrances of people who talked about his last words to them. My late mother's last words to me--when we were in the air-conditioned ER of the Philippine Heart Center--were: "Anak mainit, paypayan mo ako." And, of course, the most famous last words ever
recorded would be Jesus’ Seven as found in the gospels: Mark and Matthew have one; Luke has three; and John has three.
Many Christians do not read the Bible. We read books about the Bible and parts of the Bible. If the Gospels were movies, the way most of us “read” is akin to watching only parts of a movie, not the whole show.Now, who among us only watch parts of a movie--5 minutes of Spider-Man 3 or 10 minutes of Marimar? The Gospels are complete narrative…