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We Worship an Executed God

I have found it disconcerting to celebrate Easter Sunday apart from the horrors of the crucifixion. But many people find nothing problematic about this. The crucifix has become a fashion accessory for a lot of folks.They can do their Easter egg hunts, enjoy their Easter sunrise services, and preach a risen, triumphant Lord without any thought that the God we proclaim as risen was actually murdered on Calvary. Jesus did not die. The empire killed Jesus. He was executed. He was a victim of state-sanctioned terrorism. We who call ourselves Christian actually worship an executed God.Everyday in our beloved country, in Asia, in Latin America, in Africa, and in many parts of the world, people are being crucified, victims of institutionalized oppression—cultural genocide, poverty, racism, gender injustice, capital punishment, global capitalism, militarization, and marginalization. What does it mean to proclaim a resurrection faith in the midst of all these?
What does it mean then for us, who …

The Parable of Juan and Maria's One-Peso Loan

Juan and Maria deposit their hard-earned peso in a bank.Government propaganda have convinced them how helpful banks are and being poor farm-folk, they have identified with bank commercials that go, "Ayokong maging dukha!" (I do not want to be poor!).The bank pays them 5% a year.That's 5 centavos less final tax of 20% so they net 4 centavos. The economy being what it is drives the couple to ask a one peso loan from the same bank.Again, government sponsored info commercials that went, "Isip entreprenyur!" (Think entrepreneur!) helped.Their peso deposit serves as collateral.The bank charges them 30% on the loan.In effect, on the peso they deposited and actually loaned, the bank earned 25 centavos.From another perspective, Juan and Maria paid the bank 25 centavos for allowing them to use their own money!It's no wonder banks and lending institutions are among the most profitable businesses in the country today.(Don’t get me going on the oil cartels that bleed ou…