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Filipinos and their Jeepneys

Filipinos and their Jeepneys (An Essay in Honor of Valerio Nofuente)
“The western mind is so used to having everything planned and performing like clockwork while the Filipino, conditioned by survival instincts and desperate situations, can do things on-the-spot waiting for every development to guide the next big move. This is simply revolting to the Western mind… The jeepney is typically representative of the Filipino character. It evolved out of a need to survive, to earn a living, to augment an inadequate transport system. Western countries will have all the reasons not to have the jeepney as a means of public transport. Yet millions ride to work and school daily on it. Majority actually prefer it to the buses.” From The Philippine Daily Inquirer, April 19, 20011DefinitionsThis essay offers no truth claims.It is a work of fiction. By fiction, I am following Clifford Geertz’ definition: “Something made, something fashioned—the original meaning of fictio—not that they are false, …